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a basement in bloom - red light
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aug. 3rd
EP-release gig (MQ - vienna)

oct. 2nd
waves festival vienna (xpedit 1010 vienna)


*a basement in bloom live at Sofar Sounds
The music of *a basement in bloom represents the band's joint effort to bring together musical elements, which - in terms of their tonal dimensions, their density, and their musical pace - frequently confront its members with the well-known challenges that musicians so often face:
In particular, seeking to arrange partially conflictive sound characteristics as well as diverging interests within the group into a pleasant whole has proven pivotal for their work.

Within their repertoire, this approach leaves room for both discreet arrangements dominated by piano and strings and dry, tight electronic sounds - thereby covering the vast abundance generated by sound-engeneering techniques as well as the occasionally striking intimacy of their mostly polyphonic vocals.

At times, there are singular, clear-cut melodies that dominate the picture, at other times, there are many diffuse layers of instrumental and vocal elements trying to prevail by means of the momentum and weight of their simultaneity.
Within the range of existing genres, the music of *a basement in bloom might be localized somewhere between "Indie" in its electro-acoustic variation and the tonally open field of "Ambient".

Many of their songs have been said to display tenderness and endurance - a will to pause or only very slowly develop into a specific mood - which on the other hand is being questioned by the straightforwardness and clarity, which they sometimes also wish to unfold.
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